• Lincoln Parish Schools

  • The Lincoln Parish School District continues to confidently advance with a public school system known for embracing change, demonstrating consistent progress, and receiving accolades along the way. 

    With rigorous standards at the crux of its academic foundation and in-depth vertical alignment enriching its instructional practice, the district has rapidly moved beyond the mere basics to focus on challenging student learning experiences honed around rigor, relevance, and relationships while immersed in collaboration, communication, innovation, and creativity. 

    Superintendent Mike Milstead continues leading the Lincoln Parish District toward a world-class educational experience designed to empower students for success.  Committed to providing cutting-edge facilities, exemplary educational tools, and unparalleled classroom facilitation, the district remains committed to attaining the highest level of achievement and success regardless of challenges that may lay in its way. 

    During 2017, the LPSB approved a six-year $16 million Capital Outlay Plan.  The plans provide for the construction of upgrades and improvement of facilities for the Ruston, Simsboro, Dubach, and Choudrant Districts.  A project that will provide generators at all facilities was begun in 2017 and should be completed in early 2018.  Security upgrades were completed at the Choudrant schools, Simsboro School, and Dubach Elementary in 2017 as well as remodeled restrooms at Ruston Junior High School and Dubach Elementary.  Work has begun on a $550,000 special education building at Ruston High School; furthermore, a $2.3 million STEM Center at Ruston Junior High has been funded with construction set to begin in 2018.  Meanwhile, implementation of technology remains a high priority for instruction at all levels and across the academic disciplines with close to $500,000 being spent to equip and upgrade schools.  Within just over eight years, Lincoln Parish has pumped more than $6.5 million in technology into its classrooms throughout the district. 

    With graduation rates steadily increasing, Lincoln Parish saw all high schools surge past the state average to further eclipse the 2016 goal of 80% with an incredible average of 90.7%.  The district has also been cited for excellence with the percentage of students that enter post-secondary institutions following graduation, attaining a staggering 75% rate, the highest in Louisiana.    During the 2016-17 academic year the district garnered its first “A” distinction in District Performance Score, earning growth of 4.4 to obtain its highest ever DPS of 100.4.  Lincoln Parish was one of seventeen districts in Louisiana to earn this distinction.  Leading the way for the District’s impressive accolades was Choudrant High School with its fifth consecutive grade of “A.” Ruston High School continued its “A” status with significant growth as well as being named among the best high schools in the nation by U. S. News and World Report.  With a DPS continuing to ascend, Lincoln Parish now ranks #1 among north central districts in the state and results reflect an increase in all accountability components.

    The school system maintains a staff of 99 percent certificated teachers, ranking it among the highest districts in the state.  Twenty-eight of the teachers have earned National Board Certification with 3 percent having achieved doctoral or specialist degrees.  More than 60 percent of all Lincoln Parish certificated personnel have master’s degrees or above with 42 percent of all classroom teachers having 15 years or more classroom experience.

    The Lincoln Parish District completed its fourth year under the state mandate that all students regardless of diploma path were required to take the American College Test (ACT).  Despite this challenge, the parish public school composite score on the ACT was 20.9, surpassing the state average of 19.4.  This ranks Lincoln Parish in the state’s fifth highest place for composite ACT, and it is the highest parish score among the 26 northern districts.   

    Strong partnerships with Louisiana Tech and Grambling State universities continue to strengthen instruction within a district that now offers 16 dual enrollment classes, 7 advanced placement classes, 8 pre-advanced placement classes, 52 honors classes, 10 Jump Start Pathways,11 science, technology, engineering and math – STEM for short – magnet classes, and 3 pre-STEM classes at the middle school level.  Furthermore, the district’s nationally recognized New Tech program continued its evolution of excellence to become “New Tech Academies” featuring highly engaging suites of electives within college and career tracks that include STEM, heath sciences, and agricultural science with digital media being developed as well.

    The Lincoln Parish School System remains one of the parish’s largest employers with a total of 829 full-time employees including 531 teachers, and operates on an annual budget of approximately $77 million.

    For more information about the Lincoln Parish public school system, call (318) 255-1430 or visit www.lincolnschools.org.