• January #EverydayExcellence Award Presented to Yvonne Woods

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    February 26, 2018

    The forecast on Saturday may have called for heavy rain and thunderstorms, but at the Waffle House on Farmerville Highway it was all sunshine as Ms. Yvonne Woods radiated her sunny personality throughout the restaurant.
    Yvonne is an employee of Waffle House Restaurant, and she is the January 2018 winner of the Ruston-Lincoln Chamber of Commerce’s Everyday Excellence Award.  Ms. Woods was nominated by DeShae Hughes Pardon, who visited the restaurant back in December 2017.  On this day, Deshae and her family were celebrating her father-in-law’s birthday at the restaurant, and they were hoping for a calm, relaxed dining experience.  Things started off amazingly as the Pardon family were greeted with a Christmas carol and the “Happy Birthday” song, both sung by the amazing Ms. Yvonne.  Unfortunately, things ultimately took a turn for the worst when Deshae’s son, Houston, got sick during their meal.  Deshae, who was at her breaking point with the stress of having a sick child, found herself in tears at the restaurant.  As she was crying, Ms. Yvonne came to her rescue.  She cleaned up the mess that was made, and she hugged Deshae and comforted her with words of encouragement and positivity.  Her words were so soothing and kind that Deshae was finally able to regroup and enjoy her day.
    At her award presentation, Deshae and her family joined the Ruston-Lincoln Chamber of Commerce in giving the award.  Deshae recalled the event, saying that Ms. Yvonne was her angel of the day, and she thanked her for her kindness and sincerity during that stressful time.  Pardon said, “The world needs more people like Ms. Yvonne.”
    Marisol O'Neal (Chamber Community Development Vice Chair) added, “In this industry, it is more common to hear complaints than praise, and when our committee read Deshae’s story, we knew that we had to recognize Yvonne as our Everyday Excellence winner for January 2018.”
    After the award was presented during Yvonne’s shift, other restaurant-goers added to Deshae’s testimony.  Becky Napper said, “Our family loves Yvonne, and she is one of the reasons we enjoy eating at the Waffle House so much.  I am thrilled to see her given this recognition.”
    Yvonne was awarded a 3-month membership to Rocketfast Car Wash, an overnight stay at the Best Western Plus Ruston Hotel, and a $25 gift card to Ruston Florist and Belle de Fleur Boutique.  According to Yvonne, the greatest prize was just the recognition itself, and it was a true surprise to her.
    Congratulations, Yvonne Woods, for being the winner of our January 2018 #EverydayExcellence award!
    To nominate an individual for the Everyday Excellence Award, send a message to our Facebook account or contact the Chamber at iflowers@rustonlincoln.org.