• District 1, City Council/Aldermen Candidates 2014

  • You Asked! They Answered!

    Prior to the Political Meet & Greet and Mayoral Debate on October 16, the Chamber solicited questions from the business community for the city council/alderman candidates. Below are the submitted questions and the answers from those who chose to respond.

    District 1 Candidates:
    Fred Blake, Carolyn Elmore Cage, and Glenda Howard 

  • Question 1

    Specifically how will you promote business and well-planned city development for your district?

    Answer - Fred Blake

    An important part of any successful business relationship is: Collaboration (every professional has their own unique skill set and your business Colleague may be able to do something you struggle at.) Don’t compete against each other. (You have to work hard and make connections if you want to be successful.) Be supportive-( Strong business relationship need to be supportive.) Motivate each other- (strive for success).

  • Question 2

    What do you plan to accomplish in your district and what are the means of accomplishing your proposals.

    Answer - Fred Blake

    My plan to accomplish- Helping Ruston to be more business friendly, Elimination the unnecessary Red Tape that inhibits growth and business development. More Industry for Ruston-Create more Jobs for Ruston and the South Central  of the city. Communities Development- Better affordable Homes.

  • Question 3

    Would you be willing to consider a recycling program?

    Answer - Fred Blake


  • Question 4

    Would you want to have bike paths added in Ruston?

    Answer - Fred Blake


  • Question 5

    What are your plans on working with LA Tech & Grambling to strengthen the relationships between Ruston and the universities?

    Answer - Fred Blake

    The city should take a leadership role to collaborate with La. Tech and GSU and local resources to plan and promote events of interest. These events could include literary arts, film, performance art, visual arts, music, and topical lectures with broad public interest and appeal. This content, duration and schedules should be directed by a inclusive steering committee representing City, University and private civic interests. Events should be schedule to utilize appropriate public and private venues for performances and encourage promotion of and access to local businesses.

  • Question 6

    If we are overspending on budget, where and how do we spend it in a more frugal manner?

    Answer - Fred Blake

    Economic Development- for Ruston and the south side. Create a financial incentives package for local business retention and expansion. Create a results- oriented marketing strategy that incorporates tradition electronic, and social media to promote the Ruston Community. Partner with  marketing professionals including consultants and  state and regional development agencies. Our Local Parks is a major engine for the city for the youth of today. Need a expansion of community recreational opportunities such as a Boys and Girls Club south central part of the city and partner with them interest to acquire property to develop multi-use fields supporting team sport activities.

  • Question 7

    What are the pressing issues you see facing Ruston now and in the next 5 years?

    Answer - Fred Blake

    Public Safety, Race Relation, Community  Development,  Business Development and Paved Roads (South Side and West California Street.