• Robert E. Russ Award

    The Robert E. Russ Award recognizes one individual for outstanding contributions to the Ruston-Lincoln business community or overall economic development of the area, in honor of the founder of Ruston, Louisiana, Robert E. Russ. This award is one of the highest honors given by the Ruston-Lincoln Chamber of Commerce (RLCOC) to an individual. Nominations will be accepted through December 3, 2018. The award will be presented at the Chamber’s 100th Annual Banquet on the evening of Tuesday, January 21, 2020.


    1. This award will be open to any resident of Lincoln Parish, male or female. It is not required that this person be a member of the RLCOC.
    2. The nominee cannot be a paid professional leader, an elected official who currently holds office, or a current member of the RLCOC Board of Directors. 
    3. The nominee must have made several contributions to the betterment of the business community. 
    4. An individual can be nominated in multiple and successive years but can only be honored by the award one time.
    5. It is the selection committee’s responsibility to critique and consider nominations and select a recipient based on the nominee’s personal contributions toward business and/or economic advancement or development of this region in an outstanding manner during the year. However, the committee can take into account the activities of the individual over the last three years.
    6. It is not required that the Russ Award be given every year.

    Download nomination form.

    For more information contact Ivana Flowers at the Chamber, 255-2031 or email iflowers@rustonlincoln.org.

  • A note from our President

    'Community, future, and success are the topics that trend in Ruston and any other great city.That brings to mind that The Ruston-Lincoln Chamber of Commerce is currently taking nominations for our annual Russ Award.  This award most definitely embraces all three topics when looking at who might qualify for this award.  Most likely, you know a person who fits this description:  someone who cares about their community’s future, someone who is successful at promoting their passion about their community, or someone who donates their time to this community.  I could do wordplay all day to describe this person, but I’m guessing you already have come up with a few names.  They deserve to be nominated.'

    ~ Judy Copeland 

  • Russ Award Winners

    2018 Kyle McDonald
    2017 J.N. Walpole
    2016 Trott Hunt
    2015 Coach Wilbert Ellis
    2014 Drake Mills
    2013 Dan Hollingsworth
    2012 Wayne Parker
    2011 Lynne Gnemi
    2010 Benny Denny
    2009 Dr. Leslie K. Guice
    2008 Tommy Folk
    2007 John F. Emory, Sr.
    2006 Bobby Price & John O’Neal
    2005 John Shealy
    2004 Linda Graham
    2003 O.L. Waltman & L.D. “Buddy” Napper
    2002 Ruth Johnson

  • 2001 Bill Cox
    2000 Travis Defreese
    1999 Dr. Dan Reneau 
    1998 Walter Savage
    1997 Lucius & Midred McGehee
    1996 Robbie Willard
    1995 Eddie Robinson
    1994 W.A.J. Lewis II
    1993 John E. Maxwell
    1992 James Davison
    1991 Dr. Virgil Orr
    1990 Hale R. Shadow
    1989 William A. Marbury, Jr.
    1988 Clarence E. Faulk, Jr.
    1987 William V. 'Bill' Best
    1986 Floyd B. James
    1985 John G. 'Jack' Ritchie
    1984 Pam Love