•   S.A.I.L.

    (Students Actively Involved in Leadership)

  • Leadership Lincoln is a program that has been promoting the development of great leaders within our community for over thirty years.  Because of this, is made perfect sense to take this program and implement it within the local school system.  Therefore, with a little thought, a lot of discussion, and the collaboration between the Ruston-Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and Lincoln ACHIEVE, S.A.I.L. was born.

    S.A.I.L. is an organization for “Students Actively Involved in Leadership.”  During its pilot year, the program has been implemented at Ruston High School with participants then selected based on specific criteria that included junior grade-level status as well as holding a leadership role within various organizations on the school campus.  The student participants were selected under the direction of Lloyd Bruner, advisor of the award-winning RHS Future Business Leaders of America chapter, and included the input from several campus groups. 

    Through S.A.I.L., each participant is actively involved in monthly tours of area businesses, organization, and institutions that represent our community in an outstanding manner.  Community leaders also offer insights into how the youth within our schools can make productive and positive change within their neighborhood while giving back in various ways throughout the community.  Class topics have included areas of focus such as government, digital media, economic development, tourism and hospitality, among others.

    Participants are also required to attend public meetings while becoming involved in volunteer projects throughout the area.  Upon graduation from S.A.I.L. in March, these students will then be eligible to apply for Leadership Lincoln where they will have the opportunity to expand their leadership skills even further.  Based on the experience during the pilot year, the goal is to expand the program further in the future in order to implement S.A.I.L. in all Lincoln Parish schools, both public and private.   For more information, contact Melisa Rudd at everco20@gmail.com, as class begins in the fall.

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