#EverydayExcellence Award


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act but is a habit." ~ Aristotle 

This initiative grew out of a desire to recognize those within our community who go above and beyond to help showcase the community by demonstrating excellence consistently.  We began discussing it when Cathi Cox-Boniol was Vice Chair for Community Development and a colleague in Bossier City was doing something similar within their education community.  We started brainstorming and it has now evolved into something more focused on community-wide customer service.  Within the Chamber, we see customer service as one of our top priorities.  It’s something that is essential for our businesses to thrive.  Plus, we want to keep promoting the type of hospitality and service that will make Ruston and Lincoln Parish even more attractive to those outside our parish, whether simply passing through or looking to stay.  The Chamber believes that in doing so, we will enhance the health of our business community and thus positively impact the economic development here through outstanding service.  It’s no coincidence that we are connecting it to the “Excellence Made Here” emphasis within our city government and hope it will become a common goal for all citizens in Lincoln Parish.

(Nominate someone by simply posting your comment on Facebook page/RustonChamber or email to iflowers@rustonlincoln.org. Include who, why, and where he/she works.)