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    Wednesday, June 05, 2019
    The Good Stuff by Cathi Cox-BoniolIn the Boniol house, certain key words come up and neither Tom nor I have to think twice about to what the other is alluding.  One favorite is “stuff.”  In fact, when I utter the word Tom feels compelled to repeat it with dramatic emphasis to accentuate its significance.  For us, “stuff” refers to any number of things we either no longer need and should get rid ...read more
    Friday, January 04, 2019
    The Ruston-Lincoln Chamber of Commerce has been presented the Top 20 Events award from the Southeast Tourism Society (STS) in recognition of the Louisiana Peach Festival. “The Louisiana Peach Festival is the largest and longest running event held in Ruston, LA. The event takes over Downtown Ruston for a weekend, where attendees can enjoy carnival rides, live music, kids’ activities, peachy goods, ...read more